New to mountain biking, or just want to sound like an old hand!  We've taken the liberty of providing some of the more colorful mountain biking slang that exists out there.  Depending on what part of the country you are from you may experience some semantic differences, but for the most part the descriptions below are universal, universal maybe, but they don't often make sense!

Some things you'll most likely encounter during your beginning days in mountain biking:

rookie mark n. chain grease on a rider's pant leg as in "Give that guy extra points for his rookie mark. It's even on the wrong leg!" 

chainring tattoo n. the dotted-line scar you get from gouging your shin on the chainring. 

Some things you hope to avoid for awhile:

face plant n. hitting the ground face first as in, "Joe hit a tree root and did a spectacular face plant." Other colorful phrases for face plants are also, digger, soil sample, spring planting and auger.

endo n. the maneuver of flying unexpectedly over the handlebars, thus being forcibly ejected from the bike. Short for "end over end". "I hit that rock and went endo like nobody's business."